I Am Surprised Every Time

Who me?

Yep me. I have been honored with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional again this year in SQL Server. This is my third year to receive the award and just like the last two years I am humbled and honored to be a recipient.

Remember, What It Is.

And what it isn’t. I didn’t get my MCM before the shutdown. I didn’t earn that title and certification. I was given an honor for the service I performed to the community last year.

Others are worthy.

Maybe more so. I personally know people that deserve to be awarded. I have and will continue to nominate those people, even it it means next year I get bumped off the island so they can get on. It’s not about the award. Its about what I do to earn it.

Big Things Coming This Year.

I’ve been heads down working on a couple of projects the last few months and I can’t wait to share them with the community!