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You heard right, I’ve finished with the 1.0 release. It isn’t pretty but it works. If you need a primer check out my last post. If you need a list just fill out the form and I’ll get you taken care of.

I’d like to thank Scott Stauffer(blog|Twitter) for helping me out with some tools.

I’d like to thank Sean McCown for providing me with an MSDN subscription so I could finish this project! If you aren’t following the MidnighDBA’s (blog|Twitter) you should!

If you would like to test things out then please sign up to

Lets take a look at the features:

  • Create custom list <mylist>
  • Send to list via email or web site.
  • Only list owners can send emails to list.
  • View number of replies and who has replied.
  • Manage subscriptions and list owners.
  • See who has unsubscribed and how.
  • Automatic bounce detection and auto unsubscribe from list.
  • Automatic “out of office” detection and ignore.
  • Export subscriber list.
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe via email or web.

Lets take a quick tour.

On the front page you can see a list of recent emails that have gone out.


You can update your account information.


You can manage your subscriptions.


You can email your list.


Check to see if anyone has replied to a mailing.


Manage your subscribers.


The goal is to keep it simple as possible. I hope I have done that. There are some features I would still like to have just for managing my own lists. If you have any thoughts please leave me a comment, who knows if you use SQL Meetings I’ll probably add anything you want that makes it useful to you.

Version 1.1~1.4
Cleanup and bug fixes. I’m a believer that Great is the enemy of good. This is good, so I’m launching it. That doesn’t mean it won’t have bugs and there are a few outstanding code cleanup tasks I have already scheduled. Remember, isn’t my day job at all, this was and is a learning experience for me.

Version 1.5 features(Possible):
Posterous friendly emails.
Tweet with link to message from @SQLMeetings.
Re-email a send message, you send out a mail and want to send that same mail again.

Version 2.0 features(Possible):
Linkedin integration.
Facebook integration.
Schedule reminders using generic template, you may not have your details hammered out yet but still want to send out a reminder say one week before the meeting.