SQLDIY: Database Space Detail

Continuing to build up our data gathering library we shift our focus to tracking database file growth. This particular procedure compiles both data and log file usage. This is a fundamental aspect of tracking growth over time and being proactive about growing your databases yourself instead of letting the auto grow making  a mess of your databases. There is no clean and easy way to do this without temp tables so I just have to suck it up and use them. I considered going with a CLR routine and gather more data but we are assuming that you, the user, don’t have the CLR or OLE automation enabled. Personally, I wouldn’t have OLE automation enabled if at all possible. It is another surface area to secure and another source of odd memory issues. There are similar issues with the CLR. Other than the security concerns when there is memory pressure the CLR is ejected and may not be able to load again until the SQL Server process is recycled. With all that in mind I present to you Database Space Detail schema and script!

Series to Date SQLDIY: Manage and Monitor SQL Server Yourself

Link to the script Gather Database Space Detail

I’m hosting all my scripts from this series on GitHub as I do with all my open source projects.

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