My Upcoming Schedule, Come Get Your Learn On!

It’s official, I’ll be speaking at SQLSaturday #63 April 2nd. It is something near and dear to my heart, solid state storage. If you have seen me speak recently at any of the other SQLSaturdays you know I love talking about I/O. This time around I’ll be focusing on one of the new technologies, flash storage. It always surprises me just how little some people understand a technology before pushing it into service! Just deciding to implement solid state disks without doing your due diligence can be a very expensive mistake. I have spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of years getting to know solid state disks and the underlying technology of NAND flash. I’ve been writing about it and I’ve been fortunate enough to have first hand experience with it as well. I’m really exited to teach about this new technology with a SQL Server slant to it.

It’s also been officially announced that I’ll be speaking at SQLRally in Orlando! I cannot tell you how exited I am about being a speaker at the very first SQLRally. To be honest with you I was a little stunned and a lot humbled by the nomination committee and your votes. Just as I was getting use to the idea of a “regular” 60 minute session, I was asked if I could expand it to 90 minutes and do a “deep dive” session instead. This will be an extended version of Understanding Storage Systems and SQL Server with more coverage on SAN’s and monitoring IO. 

What Is PASS SQLRally?

PASS’ new regional event fills the gap between our free PASS SQLSaturday 1-day training events and PASS Summit, the world’s largest conference for the SQL Server community. At SQLRally you’ll meet with industry experts, authors, Microsoft MVPs, and other people just like you to learn about best practices, effective troubleshooting, how to prevent issues, save money, and build a better SQL Server environment for your company or clients.